Our service

Members in Sagnaseiður á Snæfellsnesi welcome guests to the area and offer services in the form of storytelling.

We offer three types of services

  • Meet a local storyteller in their preferred place.
    That could be a home, farm, workplace, café, or a location in nature, all depending on the storyteller.
    Price: 10.000.-isk.*
  • Meet a local storyteller in any location in Snæfellsnes.
    This is a location agreed upon between the storyteller and the guest. It can be in nature, the national park, town, café, hotel, or any other place that intrigues both the guest and storyteller. These trips often include a short hike in the location.
    Price: 25.000.-isk.*

  • Take a local storyteller along with you all the way.
    The storyteller can join you for your entire day/s in Snæfellsnes. You meet up in a set location and the storyteller comes along in your car or bus, tells you stories on the way, and can guide you to the best spots in Snæfellsnes.
    Price: no set price, depends on time and duration.

*price is total amount for 1-2 hour storytelling for 2-15 people.

Join us for an adventure